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"A Thing To Be Grasped"

Do you remember what it was like when you first became a Christian? What a tremendous thing it was to realize that you were now saved. God accepted you because you had put your faith in his beloved Son. And it flooded your soul that God loved you so much that He would send his Son to die for your sins! We came to love Him because He so loved us!

The book “Christ’s Humanity – A Thing To Be Grasped” was written to give a true perspective on the life of the Lord Jesus Christ to show how very much He loved us. Much of the truth has been hidden but now is revealed in this book right out of the pages of God’s Holy Written Word. Click on the questions for answers from the book.


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The metamorphosis of a butterfly illustrates a change in form and appearance without change in essence, like Christ’s change from divine glory to humiliation as a man without change in essence.
Photos of butterflies courtesy of www.butterflysite.com (edited for our use).


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